About Barry Oberholzer

Barry Oberholzer's Youth

Barry Oberholzer lived for the first few years of his life in Houston, Texas. He is a brother to three other siblings and is a son of Diplomatic Parents. After spending time in Houston, Barry Oberholzer and his family moved back to South Africa. He began pre school in the charming coastal township of George, South Africa. Barry didn’t stay long in this community, as his dad was transferred again. He and his family would end up in Cape Town, South Africa.Barry Oberholzer started his twelve year schooling career at Welgemoed Primary School where he stayed until after seventh grade. After Welgemoed, Barry attended Paul Roos Gymnasium, one of the best all boys schools in the world.During grades eight through twelve, Barry Oberholzer had some of the most memorable moments of his life both on and off the rugby field. He was no different than other boys at that age. Barry had his fair share of general mischief, but was taught the fundamental principles of life through these experiences.After High School, Barry Oberholzer took a gap year to play rugby abroad and later came back in 2002 to attend the University of South Africa where he received his Bachelors Degree in Marketing.

Barry Oberholzer Work Experience

Presently, Barry Oberholzer is a Managing Partner at Atlantic Tobacco. The company is a quality oriented cigarette manufacturing & trading company, specializing in domestic and private label cigarette manufacturing and premium label trading. Atlantic Tobacco is currently selling in markets across Africa, Middle East and Europe. Their goal is to be the most competitive priced tobacco corporation in the southern hemisphere.In 2013, Barry started his own cigarette brand, Ninety Nine, which he later sold the rights to a large tobacco firm. Ninety Nine is currently being distributed in Cyprus, Malta, Greece and some Eastern European countries.


Barry Oberholzer's Industry Experience

•Counterfeit Suppression and Brand Protection 

•Cigarette Trading of Premium Label brands

•Private Label Cigarette Manufacturing